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Club Rules and Constitution document

1:            IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HANDLER/OWNER to clean up any mess made by their dog in the hall or adjacent area.  Please ensure that your dog is not a nuisance to people living nearby, either by unreasonable noise or by fouling the paths etc.

2:           Vaccination certificates must be shown at registration.

3:            Bitches in season must not be brought to the club.

4:            Dogs with contagious diseases or infections must not be brought to the club.

5:            All matters relating to the dogs on the floor are at the trainer’s discretion.

6:            Dogs must be on a lead except when working on the floor, and kept under proper control at all times.

7:            Any dog deemed to be aggressive by the instructor to other dogs or people must wear a basket muzzle when in the hall (no cloth muzzles).

8:            No body harnesses except for genuine medical reasons to be worn when training.

9:            Slip leads, flexi leads, choke chains, spike or pinch collars are not allowed.

10:          Dogs must wear a well fitting and appropriate collar and lead when attending classes.

11:          Handlers should bring high value treats and an appropriate toy to training sessions.

12:          Only one family member is permitted on the floor whilst training their dog.  If more than one family member wishes to train their dog they should train on different nights to avoid confusing their dog.

13:          Children must sit quietly on a chair throughout the lessons for safety reasons.

14:          Anyone wishing to take the Kennel Club Good Citizen bronze, silver or gold award at the club must be a club member and attend at least one relevant course.

15:          Handlers may work in a class lower than the one they are qualified for as long as the trainer agrees.

16:          Anyone taking part in a class or working their dog on the floor at any time must pay the relevant training fee.

17:          All members competing for the club’s annual trophies, excluding the members rally trophies, must have attended the club for at least twelve sessions in the previous twelve months.

The club premises are in the centre of Wymington and surrounded by family houses, and it is important that we do not cause any offence to the local people with barking dogs or by failing to keep the area clean. Exercising dogs on the local green area is not allowed.

We hope both you and your four-legged friend have fun and enjoy training. A happy sociable, well-behaved pet is a joy to own and it is the aim of the club to help every owner who comes to achieve this aim.

Our full constitution document can be found here:

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